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Hearing Tests & Care

No longer feel cut off from family and friends

Discover better hearing

Have you noticed your hearing is deteriorating? Are you worried about missing out on social events because you can't hear properly?


No matter your age, booking a hearing test is the first step in determining whether or not you're suffering from hearing loss.


Our Standish practice is conveniently located in the centre of the village, which was well known for coal mining and iron during the Industrial Revolution.

Our specialists can also carry out thorough hearing tests at our Parbold practice, which is nestled amongst an interesting row of shops in a welcoming village. The village itself is dominated by Parbold Hill, offering stunning views across West Lancashire.

Our third branch is based in Ecclestone, next to Textile Mills, with a restaurant called Verdes and a Sainsbury's Local close by. The friendly team is passionate about restoring your hearing as well as your confidence. What's more, the village also boasts a local celebrity - Sir Bradley Wiggins!


Request a complimentary hearing test

Thanks for getting in touch. Our audiologist will be in touch to arrange your appointment.

Helping you to hear better

Matt Has been qualified as an Audiologist since 2013, after studying at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. He has worked in both the private and NHS sectors during this time, and is also qualified in wax removal via microsuction.

Matt likes spending time getting to know his patients well, in order to ensure they are provided with the right care, and the most suitable hearing instruments and solutions to help improve their everyday life. Helping patients hear better in situations specific to them is the most satisfying part of his job.  


In his spare time, Matt plays bass guitar in a band and was proud to release an album a couple of years ago. He also enjoys spending time and traveling with his young family and their dog Pinto. When he’s not busy, Matt will happily sit and watch any sport on TV for hours, especially cricket!

Wax removal in Parbold, Eccleston and Standish

Wax build-up can be a problem for lots of people. We all have ear wax to protect us from dirt and germs, but some may naturally have more than others. For example, if you wear hearing aids or have narrow or hairy ear canals. Getting this excess wax removed can vastly improve your hearing and reduce any pain or discomfort. The wax removal process itself is easy and painless and you are in good hands with our experienced and friendly specialists.

Full hearing care services

As well as receiving a thorough hearing test when you come to see us, you can be sure of an all-round service that is tailored to your individual needs. 


  • Hearing assessments

  • Wax removal

  • Tinnitus management

  • 4 year aftercare service

  • Home visits

  • Live demonstrations

  • Hearing devices.


If a hearing device is necessary, we will recommend the best and latest in technology from some of the world’s leading audiology brands. We’ll keep you connected with our four year aftercare service.

Why book a free hearing test?

Getting to the bottom of your hearing loss as soon as possible is important to receiving the right care.


Our comprehensive hearing checks will diagnose hearing loss, allowing us to recommend products to slow down its progress or advise whether more testing needs to be done.


If you need hearing aids, we have a range of rechargeable and invisible devices to choose from, and our 5-year warranty and lifetime aftercare come as standard for every patient.

Hear from our happy customers

My advice is to have a complimentary hearing test as it is informative and can reassure you all is well.


Any difficulties can be discussed and options explored.


My self-confidence has returned to its former level and I face each day with renewed enthusiasm all because of my hearing aids.

- Ken

Christina couldn’t have been more helpful during our initial telephone conversation and the subsequent consultation.


I’m so glad I took Christina’s advice.


The aids are unnoticeable and the quality of hearing is so much better than with any of the hearing aids I’ve had before – in all environments.  I am delighted with them.

- Elaine

Having a disability meant it was difficult to find a service which was convenient for me.


Thankfully Christina was able to accommodate me with home visits.


I immediately found an improvement in my hearing after getting new hearing aid and appreciate all the work Christina has done for me!

- Marion

Book your free hearing consultation

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