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Children's Eyecare

Special care for young eyes

When should I get my child’s eyes tested?

Problems such as a squint or lazy eye may be obvious, but children rarely complain about their sight even if they are experiencing visual difficulties. 


If you spot any of the following behaviour, it may indicate that your child is struggling with their eyesight: 


  • Sitting too close to the TV

  • Blinking a lot and rubbing their eyes frequently

  • Lack of enthusiasm for reading or difficulty at school

  • Complaining of headaches

  • Holding objects closely to their face


Usually, we recommend that children’s eyes be tested every two years however they can be tested more often if you are concerned.

At Suzanne Dennis Optometrist, we strive to ensure our children’s eye tests are as relaxed and fun as possible for child and parent! 


It doesn’t matter if your child cannot read or is too young to speak as each eye examination is age appropriate and thoroughly assesses your child’s vision and eye health.


Children's eye examinations are free on the NHS up to the age of 16 years, or 19 years if they are in full time education. 

What happens in a kids eye test?


What happens if my child needs glasses?

Should the results of your child's eye examination tell us that they need corrective lenses, your child (if they're under 16 or under 19 in full time education) will qualify for an NHS voucher entitling them to free spectacles from our stylish children's range.


Our friendly, caring team are on hand to help you choose the best frame and lens for your child’s visual needs and lifestyle.


With our colourful and stylish range of kids eyewear, we are positive that they will love their new spectacles!

Did you know that contact lenses can be used to correct eyesight problems for adults and children? 


As soon as the need for vision correction is identified, we can recommend specialist contact lenses to gently reshape the cornea as you sleep for the opportunity to be free from both contact lenses and spectacles for the waking hours.

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Contact lenses for children

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