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Are You Making A Great First Impression?

When you meet someone for the first time you judge them. Whether you agree or disagree with this, it is a fact.

Your brain creates a metal image which generally influences how that person is treated!

The first thing a person sees is generally the face.

So why on earth do so many of us buy cheap, badly designed eyewear that doesn’t suit us. Our face, which includes our eye wear is one of the first things a person sees and judges us by.

Would you wear the same pair of shoes to work as you would to go to your daughters Wedding. You wouldn’t, but many of us see no problem in wearing the same pair of glasses!

Because of the Health Service in the UK we have been conditioned for many years to view glasses as a necessity not an accessory. The old health service frames were given away without a charge and even today when there is no such thing as a Health Service frame you can still get free eyewear in certain circumstances.

On the continent and the US this is not the case. They value eyewear and want it to look the best it can be. Many people have at least two if not more pairs. They wear them as an accessory.

So please, make that first impression count. Dispensing Opticians are trained to understand the shape, the colour and the material of frames and lenses to suit you. Get a pair for everyday, smart and business like, have a pair for those special occasions, maybe rimless or a bit of bling, then have a colourful bright pair to wear on those occasions you want to be different.

Ask your Optician about the multi pair deals. Once you have more than pair, you’ll never look back.

Women wearing designer frames


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